For the five systems of glass cutting machine we should know about?

by:Enkong     2021-01-03
What is the five systems of glass cutting machine, we need to know the system composition of the cutting machine? It use the manufacturer for our cutting machine has a great influence. In recent years, the pain of adjustment period, many manufacturers of speculative exit the market, this also for the healthy development of the industry provides a good market environment. 1. Control system: choose ac contactor work indicator shows that the operating system. 2. Grinding system: choose high speed three phase ac motor, ensure the machine in the process of long-term use of continuous and stable performance. Grinding wheels adopt international popular new manufacture process, to ensure the machining accuracy and polishing brightness, guarantees the mirror effect. 3. Gripping delivery system: choose single vortex transmission and double vortex transmission, can smoothly reach 0 inverter in the running process. 4 - The speed of 3 meters, to meet the needs of different process. 4. Cooling system: the head of 36 m circulating water pumps, which save water, guarantee the supply of cooling water. 5. Undertake system: the machine is suitable for flat glass of right Angle bevel edge grinding, grinding, polishing mirror effect could be achieved at a time, to fill the gaps in the international market, is the ideal equipment of large hypotenuse grinding glass processing enterprise. The five systems of glass cutting machine is that we should understand the problem. Only in this way can our glass cutting machine operation better. And, of course, we should also have good understanding to maintain knowledge, or the maintenance of error will cause the glass cutting machine.
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