Flat-panel printers white ink particles are big reason and solution

by:Enkong     2021-01-11
Flat white printer ink particles are big usually there are two causes: white uv ink itself quality problem, the problem of curve. White ink particles of the solution is as follows: sense of reason and the solution 1, white uv ink itself compared to other pigment ink, due to the adding titanium dioxide, corresponding impurities such as precipitation, ink are bigger. If you use white uv ink itself, poor quality, on the one hand will accelerate nozzle clogging process, shorten its service life, on the other hand will appear in the process of printing particles are big, ink, and so on and so forth. This will need to contact manufacturer, replace the higher quality of uv ink. 2, the problem of curve when the white ink particles are big cases, general curve with large print. Can contact the manufacturer, from smaller print curve, can solve this problem after replacement. Note: if you use uv flat-panel printers ink itself with mixing function, can be before the start of the printing, first open stir 5 minutes. If there is no stirring function, xu manually stirring.
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