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Fixed orbit introduce glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-09
Existing after glass cutting machine for cutting glass, glass is not directly into two pieces, but left a deep scratch on the glass, at this point, the workers need to manually will be broken and back on the conveyer. Automatic glass cutting machine including the left side of the cutting mechanism and the right of the crushing mechanism, cutting mechanism including fixed orbit above the conveyor belt and conveyor belt, the fixed orbit can move back and forth and are installed on the cutting head. Breaking mechanism consists of several parallel arrangement of transfer printing roller and transfer printing roller at the top of the platen, operates platen above each transfer printing roller in transfer printing roller, transfer roller to connect on the bracket, bracket at the bottom of the fixed at the top of the electric telescopic rod, electric at the bottom of the telescopic rod is fixed on the floor. According to the position of the glass scratch corresponding control button, at this point, the control button on the right side of all the pressure plate to press on the glass, and then, all control buttons on the left side of the conveyor roller rises, breaking the glass, broken, platen and conveyor roller restorable, conveyor roller will be broken under the two pieces of glass to the procedure.

the performance of glass cutting machine, glass cutting machine cutting effect is good (1) : incision without fire, very smooth, shining, no sawtooth lines, one-time cutting thickness of the acrylic 20 mm (2) laser tubes are of good quality, long service life: the best laser tube of MTK, not only stable performance, long life expectancy ( About 8 ~ 14 months) , power 85 w, after-sales service for half a year (3) the machine performance is remarkable: 24 hours a day can be non-stop work, Taiwan original guide rail, precise and durable (4) fast cutting speed, such as used to cut 3 mm thickness of acrylic sheets yue Ming laser industry application solutions compared with traditional mechanical cutting method, this new method has several important advantages. First of all, this is one step to complete, dry machining process. Smooth edge, does not require subsequent cleaning and polishing. And laser caused by the separation process of high strength, the edge of the natural temper, not tiny cracks. Using this method, to avoid the unexpected cracks and broken, and reduce the defect rate, increased the production.
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