Explanation of the performance and related components of the fully automatic cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-13

As a traditional cutting tool, this machine is widely used and can easily cut various materials. When the traditional cutting tool cuts the contour along a straight line, the contour is placed on the table and moved horizontally by hand However, when the contour is large, the weight of the manual translation table is heavier, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also reduces the cutting accuracy. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the performance and related components of the automatic glass cutting machine.

The technical effect is: place the workpiece on the worktable, rotate the transmission rod to drive the cutting mechanism to move on the guide rail, and make the circular cutting knife move along the straight line above the worktable, The workpiece is cut along a straight line, and the cutting accuracy is improved.

The automatic cutting machine is connected with a set of two poles on each pivot at the bottom of the worktable, a roller set is installed on the support rod, the workpiece to be cut is fixed on the top of the worktable, and the upper part of the worktable is equipped with guide rails , the guide rail is connected to the worktable through the connecting rod, the cutting mechanism is connected with the guide rail and moves along the guide rail, and the cutting mechanism includes a motor, a circular glass cutting machine, a shield, a transmission rod and a fixed rod.

The motor is installed in the protective cover, the output shaft of the motor is connected with the center of the circular knife, the fixed rod is installed on the guide rail, the transmission rod is screwed into the circular hole of the fixed rod, the protective cover is connected, and the transmission rod drives the cutting mechanism Rotate on the rail.

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