Equipment status and product requirements of small glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-13

Small glass edging machine equipment status and product requirements, we have very little knowledge about small glass cutting machines, so this is a situation we need to understand, we are comparing small glass edging machines Familiar, then we should understand the specific situation, only the maintenance of the product can guarantee the service life of the product, so we should understand the equipment status and product requirements of the small glass glass edging machine.

Know the technical status of the equipment from the operator, such as whether the accuracy meets the product process requirements, whether the performance output is reduced, whether the hydraulic, pneumatic, and lubrication systems are normal and whether there is leakage, whether the accessories are complete and whether they are damaged, Whether the safety protection device is sensitive and reliable and the usage of the equipment; ask the maintenance workers about the accident situation of the equipment, the parts that are prone to failure, and the main existing defects. Check the wear of each guide track (measure the wear of the guide track) and the wear of exposed parts. Check whether the various movements of the equipment reach the specified speed, and pay special attention to the smoothness of the movement, vibration and noise at high speeds, and whether there is any crawling phenomenon at low speeds; at the same time, check the sensitivity and reliability of the control system. For equipment with specified inspection accuracy, check item by item according to the ex-factory accuracy standard, and record the measured accuracy value. Understand the product's requirements for machine tool accuracy to determine the accuracy standard achieved after repair. Check whether the safety protection devices, including the indicating instruments, safety interlocking devices, limit devices, etc., are sensitive and reliable, and whether the protection boards and covers are damaged. Check the electrical system. In addition to the regular inspection of the electrical system, due to the fast update of electrical components, special attention should be paid to the necessity and possibility of replacing the original electrical components with technologically advanced electrical components during inspections, so that they can be modified during repairs. The purpose of disassembly inspection of some equipment is to understand the wear and tear of internal parts to determine replacement parts and repair parts. After the equipment pre-inspection is completed, the hidden troubles found in the pre-inspection should be eliminated, re-assembled, and delivered to production for continued use. Ask the process department to understand the technical requirements of the products processed by the equipment after the repair. What the pre-inspection should achieve is to have a comprehensive and accurate grasp of the wear and tear of the equipment, and carefully record it; clarify the accuracy requirements of the product on the equipment. Identify replacement parts and repair parts. Surveying and mapping or proofreading the patterns of replacement parts and repair parts should be accurate and reliable.

The equipment status and product requirements of the small glass edging machine are some situations that we all need to master. We need to know these conditions in our lives. I hope that the small glass edging machine we described above It can help everyone. Friends who want to know more about small glass edging machines can pay attention to our website. Welcome new and old customers to buy!

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