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Eight advantages of special-shaped glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-14

What are the advantages of special-shaped glass edging machine? I have summarized the following 8 major advantages for everyone 'saving labor: the traditional operation method requires at least 3 people to complete the workload, and the use of the fully automatic special-shaped glass edging machine only needs 1 person to operate, and the edging, chamfering, and polishing are solved at one time. , And there is no requirement for workers’ skills; improve efficiency: fully automatic glass processing equipment is more than twice as efficient as semi-automatic equipment, and is more than 5 times more efficient than manual glass processing. Space saving: fully automatic glass processing equipment will rough and fine Grinding, polishing, chamfering and other processes are combined into one machining process, which greatly saves the use of space. Improve quality: can control the product processing accuracy to within 5 filaments (inclusive), and traditional manual or semi-automatic processing equipment can't control the product processing accuracy. Avoid work injuries and reduce labor intensity: Fully automatic glass processing equipment, through the display screen man-machine dialogue, automatic operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, effectively avoiding industrial accidents. Energy saving and environmental protection: Servo motor is used as the drive, which saves electricity compared with conventional motors. , Very low noise, environmental protection. Reduce the maintenance and adjustment rate: Semi-automatic processing equipment needs to frequently adjust the grinding wheel or repair during the production process. Zhongdu automatic glass processing equipment has automatic compensation and repair function for the grinding wheel, and the maintenance and adjustment probability is extremely low. Enhance customer competitiveness: The use of Zhongdu automatic glass processing equipment can greatly increase production capacity, improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction, and greatly strengthen customers' ability to receive orders.
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