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Efficient and intelligent cutting machine

by:Enkong     2020-12-25
Automatic glass cutting machine adopts mechanical interactive typesetting and operation personnel according to the task list in site layout of cutting a common and convenient method of layout. The structure of the automatic glass cutting machine is divided into two parts: automatic glass cutting machine is a part of the upper machine, the other part is the controller. PC's main function is to deal with file, extract the graphical point information, according to certain order, according to certain format is passed to the carrier. There are three kinds of information from the PC to the controller: one is fully automatic glass cutting machine, try some simple instructions such as side; Another kind is to control the amount of end use of the current file; After a kind of anchor point information file. Glass marker control system needs a lot of data exchange, such as cutting position signal, cutting head, the bridge on the button signal, etc. And glass slicing machine application in the glass processing industry is quite widespread, market demand is very big also; Because it has high cutting precision, fast speed, high cutting process complex, processing requirements, etc. Therefore, accurate and real-time communication and control system is very important. Most of them adopt rs - equipment 485 bus, the communication mode for the command and response. The host send query signal to each controller on a regular basis, then each child controller to upload their own state.
the performance of high performance glass slice cutting machine,
glass slice cutting machine on the functions and features: this series of machine is an economic and applicable glass cutting, cutting, air flotation, integration, walking can rotate 360 degrees remote control device and automatic, and can be manually during power failure or too busy 360 rotation and any direction, easy to walk in a picture, cutting machine automatic alignment machine, solves the uneven ground equipment running deviation or glass problems such as oblique; On the automatic variable frequency and the latest version of the hydraulic double series more stable mild glass cutting machine, the built-in high-power air compressor, vacuum pump doesn't need the extra air; Arm cylinder controlled by imported vacuum numerical control switch, glass can be directly on the table, after the upper without mobile devices, more safe and reliable. This machine is a kind of suitable for glass processing enterprise production workshop to take the whole bag of glass block, an integrated multi-functional equipment, transmission through the console operation may need tablet, solved the difficult integration of glass of choose and employ persons, the price of the employee's safety and security problems, such as glass cutting machine manufacturers, but also protect the glass from scratch, has been widely used in glass processing, glass, low-e glass, double silver three silver, solar photovoltaic glass, glass, coated glass, mirror, etc.
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