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Domestic glass machinery is becoming more mature

by:Enkong     2021-04-17
With the increase in the use of glass products, the number of glass machinery is also increasing. Now people's requirements for glass products are increasing day by day, which also makes glass machinery need continuous innovation and innovation. With the maturity of technology, glass machinery including tempering furnaces, edging, cleaning, hollowing, and laminating equipment have been maturely localized. Automatic glass cutting machines are fast, accurate, and difficult to control due to factors such as high speed, high precision and difficulty in control. It has always been regarded as the simplest glass machinery, but in fact the most difficult glass machinery to make, because the domestic cutting machine manufacturing started late, the market recognition is not high, and the stability and accuracy of the equipment are considered, the customers of glass processing When choosing a fully automatic cutting machine, I don't know how to position and choose. In addition, the level of machinery and control is different from foreign products, so that foreign brands have always been dominant in the field of high-end automatic glass cutting machines. With the rapid development of science and technology today, with the continuous rise of labor costs, especially the stricter requirements of customers for product accuracy, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for safety, automation, product quality, and efficiency. In the past, glass cutting was completely manual. Operations will gradually be replaced by automated loading and glass cutting machines. Now this trend has gradually extended from large glass processing companies to small and medium glass processing companies.
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