Different glass cutting machine all have what characteristics

by:Enkong     2021-02-19
Glass cutting is the first step on the glass deep processing, also is the most frequently used process, this is often without a common glass machinery and equipment - — Glass cutting machine. Cutting machine exert power can be divided into categories according to different profile, on a piece of cutting and fully automatic, if according to the shape of glass is divided into: square, shaped, circular glass cutting machine, etc. So what these cutting machine have their own advantages and disadvantages? Shaped glass cutting machine is simple, the cost is not high, mainly processing center shaped glass, but can be processing size is not big, and machining special-shaped glass to make a jig, and because the mold manufacturing experience and skills are needed instead laborious. Glass slice slice cutting machine is cutting on cutting machine based on strengthen the function of automatic fragments, make the operation more simple, the manufacturing cost is high but still in a more affordable than manual cutting machine, and can be processed glass size is larger than the manual cutting machine, also is a glass cutting is given priority to, also need to be processed straight glass before making a jig, while also means time-consuming, laborious but as a result of cutting when using pneumatic + motor way of kinetic energy, save a lot of manpower, so the production efficiency is much higher than manual cutting machine. Automatic glass cutting machine can processing square, circular and special-shaped glass. Processing method is controlled by a machine equipped with computer software, drawing and then implement operation directly, the sample is convenient. Professional cutting software and optimization software to make cutting process becomes easier, and higher efficiency and precision, reduce the human error and loss, save the enterprise's production and labor costs. With the arrival of an aging population, automation increasingly become a means of transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise, so the automatic glass cutting machine is becoming more and more popular with deep processing enterprises. Also, due to the high degree of automation, the manufacturing cost is relatively manual and semi-automatic cutting machine will be higher. And the future will also be gradually developed in the direction of the automatic glass cutting line, realize from the raw piece to the lower unmanned, to further improve the production efficiency, but it is still in its infancy, the industry did not appear fully mature technology and equipment. Especially domestic equipment always exists a certain gap with foreign equipment, deep processing enterprises should according to their own actual ability to choose suitable products. Although the automatic glass cutting machine advantage, relative to the small business, the cost is too high, and need large quantities of production, every time every time change processing graphics should be readjusted, instead the flexibility to adapt to small batch production orders.
An increasing dependence on the use of glass machine glass machine manufacturer has made numerous changes in the glass processing machines industry over the past decades.
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