Diaphragm air pressure of glass washing machine and matters needing attention

by:Enkong     2021-03-27
In glass machinery, the use of glass washing machines is also essential. In various glass washing machines, various water supply equipments have their own characteristics. The diaphragm type air pressure water supply equipment is equipped with a cap-shaped or gallbladder-shaped elastic diaphragm in the air pressure water tank to separate air and water, even if the gas does not dissolve In the water, the water quality is not easily polluted, and the air supplement device does not need to be installed. It should be noted that when the water pressure is allowed to fluctuate to a certain extent when the glass washing machine is started, the method is often used for the air supplement and constant pressure pneumatic water supply equipment. The pressure regulating valve is installed on the above-mentioned variable pressure water supply pipeline, and the regulating valve is installed. The outlet water pressure is controlled within the required range to stabilize the water supply pressure. This method should be used when the user wants the water pressure to be stable. The air pressure tank is also equipped with an exhaust valve, its function is to prevent the air in the tank from being discharged into the pipe network with the water flow after the water level in the tank drops below the minimum water level; this kind of air pressure water supply equipment, the water and air in the tank are in direct contact with the pressure. During the operation of the container, part of the gas will dissolve in the water, the gas will gradually decrease, and the pressure in the tank will drop accordingly. A longer time will not meet the design requirements. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, an air supplement device is required. The air pressure water supply equipment in the domestic water supply system must pay attention to water quality protection measures. For example, the inner wall of the air pressure water tank and the air supply tank should be coated with non-toxic anticorrosive paint, and the diaphragm should be made of non-toxic rubber. The air inlet of the air supplement device must be equipped with an air filter device, and an oil-free lubricated air compressor should be used.
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