Daily maintenance of glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-08
Daily maintenance method of glass edge grinding machine, about the glass edge grinding machine is very important in the glass industry. Mainly glass cutting in the industry after the pass of edge grinding and other process finally will be put into use, how can we to the glass edge grinding machine for routine maintenance. A: glass edge grinding machine in daily use process, if it is found that leakage, leakage or the phenomenon such as oil, remember to stop check and take corresponding measures. 2: daily use a lot of attention to equipment working condition of each instrument at the same time, carefully observe the parts with or without abnormal noise, if found in a timely manner. Three: maintenance 1: timing of cleaning equipment, typically remove has nothing to do with the production of clutter. 2: replace the glass edge grinding machine equipment of circulating water, to avoid glass powder block water pump and the pipe. 3: the chain, timing gear and screw coated with grease, avoid wear and tear of equipment parts. Above is small make up to you about the daily maintenance of glass edge grinding machine, the method of more wonderful little information about the glass edge grinding machine, we in the later will continue to collect for you, hope that interested in this aspect of friends dynamic must close attention to our website, so that in the first time for more details.
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