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Current status of China's glass machinery industry

by:Enkong     2022-01-19
The China Glass Machinery Industry Association pointed out in its memorandum of inspection of the glass machinery industry that our country's glass glass edging machine industry should give full play to its own advantages, take advantage of our country’s opportunities for deepening reform and development, and actively seek technical cooperation, financing mergers and other methods to integrate into it as soon as possible. market. This memorandum is a summary and commentary issued by the China Glass Machinery Industry Association on its inspection of the glass glass edging machine industry, including analysis and explanations for the China Glass Industry Expo. The China Glass Industry Fair is large in scale, with a complete variety of exhibited glass equipment, basically covering all categories of the glass machinery industry. It was pointed out in the memorandum that internationally renowned glass machinery companies participated in the exhibition, and they displayed the most advanced glass machinery parts. Internationally renowned glass machinery parts manufacturers also exhibited their most advanced equipment. There are dozens of Chinese glass machinery parts manufacturers participating in the exhibition. The inspection memorandum concluded that the China International Glass Industry Fair exhibits a relatively complete range of equipment, but there are few large-scale precision CNC glass machinery. From the exhibition, it can be seen that a side of the glass machinery industry, small and medium-sized glass machinery parts manufacturers are constantly developing. There are more mid-to-low-end CNC glass machinery, and mid-to-high-end CNC glass machinery is still in its infancy. The appearance of some CNC glass machinery is not very beautiful, but it can still show good craftsmanship and quality, and retain the characteristics of high rigidity and durability of the equipment. However, in terms of advanced manufacturing technology and the numerical control industry lags far behind the developed countries in the world. From the current situation of exhibitors and exhibitors, the glass machinery industry is in a period of deepening reforms. Most of the enterprises’ equipment is deepening the reform of numerical control, seeking technology and trade. Cooperation. Data analysis shows that due to the impact of the financial crisis, the glass machinery industry has experienced a serious decline and began to rebound in the second half of the previous year. With the full recovery of the economy the year before last, the glass machinery industry grew by 20%. The government has given great support to the glass machinery industry, which is expected to grow by 30% this year. The investigation memorandum analysis pointed out that the government’s introduction of two policy measures will play a positive role in promoting the development of the glass machinery industry. It can be seen that the glass machinery industry will receive unprecedented support from the government and a huge market pulling effect. The development of the machinery industry continues to play an important role, and it will also generate more and greater business opportunities for the international glass machinery industry.
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