Correct operation steps of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-03

When we use the glass cutting machine, we need to check the glass to be cut in advance. For the appearance of the glass, we require that it should not have white spots and scratches.

When we use the glass glass cutting machine, we must wear gloves and protective glasses according to strict requirements, which is also to protect our operators; The blade is adjusted to the regular size to turn on the power switch. The two people lift the glass to be cut to the cutting table, and press the blow button to make the glass float on the table and move freely.

After the glass is positioned, we need to press the stop button, and then press the suction device to make the glass firmly in the specified direction, so that the positioning effect can be achieved; when the cutting is completed, we can press Stop the button, and then press the blow switch, when the cutting is completed, the Zhengkui glass will be translated to the flap table.

We can also divide it into small pieces according to the horizontal and vertical direction of the knife marks, put the rest of the material in the designated position and direction, and then stack the small pieces of glass behind the flaps on the glass shelf, and then use Clean the cutting table and glass slag with a rag.

The above are the correct operation steps of the glass cutting machine. I hope my article can give you some help and reference value. If there are customers who need to order glass cutting machines, they can contact and consult our company directly.

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