Components of a tubular glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-21

When processing glass, the tubular glass should be cut. This operation is usually done directly by using a glass cutting blade. Next, we will learn about the components of the tubular glass glass cutting machine.

The tubular glass glass cutting machine includes an upper clamp and a lower clamp. The platform is fixed with the nut, the top of the bolt is provided with a caliper, and the center of the upper clamp and the lower clamp are respectively provided with circular arcs.

The arc of the upper clip and the arc of the lower clip are provided with a plurality of rolling bearings along the circumference of the arc, and the center of the arc of the upper clip is provided with a cutting piece. The cutting piece is fixed on the connecting plate, and the connecting plate slides It is fixed on the upper clamp, and the main clamp is connected with the connecting plate through pins. When the clamp is pulled, the connecting plate can move up and down, which drives the cutting plate to move up and down.

The arc of the upper clamp and the arc of the lower clamp have opposite openings, the same size and shape, and the rolling bearing protrudes from the arc surface of the arc. The utility model can be manually operated and has a simple structure. It is easy to carry and has a high cutting success rate.

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