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Comparison of the status quo of various types of glass cutting machines

by:Enkong     2021-03-11

Glass cutting machine refers to a processing machine dedicated to glass processing and blanking. The glass cutting machine includes an air-floating sheet feeding table arranged end to end and a double bridge interchange cutting table. As an improvement, the double bridge overpass cut table is placed between the first straight beam and the second straight beam at the length direction of the upper frame and the third straight beam and the fourth straight beam at the length direction of the lower frame. Equipped with a glass conveying mechanism including a rotating shaft, a number of conveying wheels, a motor, and a belt; the air-floating film feeding table is equipped with a proximity switch connected to the power control circuit of the motor at the end of the length direction of the table to control the opening and closing of the motor , The upper end of the proximity switch is slightly lower than the table. As a further improvement, the double-bridge interchange type cutting table is provided with two vertical rolling components that block the glass on the first straight beam and the second straight beam, and the four rolling components are arranged in a rectangular shape. In addition, it also has a manual breaking table, and the double bridge overpass cutting table and manual breaking table are arranged end to end. Glass cutting machines can be divided into many types. According to cutting needs, you can choose different types of glass cutting machines, mainly as follows.

1. Manual shaped glass cutting machine, simple to use, low manufacturing cost, and the size of the processed glass cannot be too large. Mainly shaped glass in the center. When processing special-shaped glass, you need to make a master first. Mold manufacturing requires experience and skills, time-consuming and laborious, and is the original method for processing small pieces of special-shaped glass.

2. Semi-automatic special-shaped glass cutting machine, simple to use, low manufacturing cost, processing glass size is slightly larger than manual, mainly processing special-shaped glass. When processing special-shaped glass, you need to make a master first. Mold manufacturing requires experience and skills, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the pneumatic + motor method is used when cutting, which greatly saves manpower. However, full automation has not been realized, and the production efficiency is higher than purely manual, and much lower than fully automatic.

3. Pneumatic square glass cutting machine mainly processes square glass, but also can process quadrangular glass such as trapezoidal glass. It is mainly used as a tool for slitting, or as a square glass processing machine, because it can be equipped with many cutter heads in both vertical and horizontal directions, and the production efficiency is high. However, each knife is required to be adjusted properly, so it takes more time to adjust the size and the force of the knife wheel when starting production. It is not suitable for mass production.

4. Fully automatic special-shaped glass cutting machine (round, special-shaped), mainly processing round glass, but also special-shaped glass. Because it is equipped with a conveyor belt, it can realize automatic feeding and high production efficiency. It is often used in conjunction with a square glass cutting machine. After the square machine is opened, the strip is processed into a special shape or a circle on this machine. The production efficiency is high and the sample adjustment is convenient. .

5. Automatic glass cutting machine (round, special-shaped, square), which can process square, round and special-shaped. The machine is equipped with computer control and can be directly drawn and then output. Professional cutting software and optimization software make the operation easier. With the development of production, this kind of machine is more and more widely used. The manufacturer is larger, and the design and machine performance of the major manufacturers are greatly different. Imported and domestically produced are also very different. Choose the appropriate production team according to your actual situation.

6. Automatic intelligent glass cutting production line. The glass is fully automatic from the original sheet to the cutting and unloading. The production efficiency is high. Today, with the increasing number of labor, the automatic production line is already a lot of glass processing. Reasonable choice for the factory.

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