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Classification and use of glass edging machine for glass machinery

by:Enkong     2022-01-06

As my country's glass industry matures, glass edging machines are particularly important. Glass edging machines are divided into single-arm special-shaped edging machines, straight-line edging machines, and profiling edging machines. Generally there are manual, digital display control, PLC computer control and other configurations. The correct and reasonable use of the glass edging machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also prolong the life of the machine. Daily cleaning, lubrication and maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machine and increase the processing output.

The glass glass edging machine mainly realizes the grinding and polishing of glass through the grinding head motor and grinding wheel. The ordinary single-side/double-side edging machine can realize the rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time. Customers can choose different grinding wheels according to their own processing requirements.

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