Choose a glass cutting machine should pay attention to what?

by:Enkong     2021-05-02
Today, the use of glass is more and more widely in our country, in the production of glass deep processing equipment industry also slowly towards automation fast forward, glass cutting machine is one of the most common glass machinery, intelligent production gradually replaced the traditional manual processing, and mechanical intelligent artificial cost is greatly reduced, and made a great contribution to product quality assurance. So we choose glass cutting machine should pay attention to what? Below by dongguan factory staff to introduce: one, in the glass cutter before buying must consider whether its own product structure is suitable for glass cutting machine. 2, the size of the glass cutting machine, consider the location of space will be able to have regular glass cutting machine general 18 meters long width in 3. 5 meters. Three, glass processing factory room if there is a line of hoisting equipment, used for handling glass first piece. Fourth, when buying a glass cutting machine, must be to examine equipment. What must pay attention to the selection or glass cutting machine is introduced to here, you should be careful in choosing a cutting machine, can't simply look at information and propaganda, need considering the omni-directional, such ability avoid detour.
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