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China's glass machinery industry status quo

by:Enkong     2021-04-30
China machinery industry association in its glass machinery industry investigation memo, points out that the glass edge grinding machine industry in our country should play their own advantages, the use of the opportunity of deepening reform and development of our country, actively seek technical cooperation, financing methods such as mergers and acquisitions, as soon as possible into the market. This memo is China's glass machinery industry association of the glass edge grinding machine industry for its inspection issued by presented, including the analysis of China's glass industry exposition. China's glass industry exposition scale is larger, the types of glass equipment complete, basic covers various glass machinery industry classification. Memo, points out that the international well-known glass machinery enterprises took part in the exhibition, they showed the most advanced glass machinery accessories. International famous glass machinery accessories manufacturers are at their most advanced equipment, to participate in exhibition of China has dozens of glass machinery accessories manufacturers. Inspection memorandum summarizes the China international glass industry expo exhibition equipment relatively complete variety, but large precise CNC glass machinery. Can be seen from the exhibition glass machinery industry, one side of the small and medium-sized glass machinery accessories manufacturers are constantly developing, low-standard CNC glass machinery, high-grade CNC glass machinery is still in its infancy. Part of the CNC glass machinery appearance modelling is not very beautiful, but can still shows good technology and quality, keep the device characteristics of high rigidity, durable. But in advanced manufacturing technology and numerical control industry far behind the developed countries, from exhibitors and exhibition equipment, glass machinery industry is in deepening the reform period, most enterprises to numerical control equipment is to deepen reform, seek technical cooperation and trade. Data analysis shows that affected by the financial crisis, glass machinery industry has fallen sharply since the second half of the year before. The year before with full recovery economy, glass machinery industry growth rate of twenty percent. The government to give great support to glass machinery industry, the growth is expected to reach thirty percent this year. Inspection memo analysis pointed out that the government has published two policies and measures to the development of glass machinery industry plays a positive role in promoting, therefore, glass machinery industry will be an unprecedented government support and huge market econonmy, will certainly to glass constantly an important role in the development of mechanical industry, will also be on the international glass machinery industry produced more greater business opportunities.
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