Check the advantages of glass edging machine mechanical horizontal edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-07-20

In order to effectively analyze the failure factors affecting the machining accuracy of glass edging machines, verify the method and system of failure prediction, establish a flexible, open and reconfigurable database and knowledge base environment, and evaluate the performance and operation status of the glass machine. The data and knowledge provide conditions for failure mechanism analysis and failure prediction.

In order to make effective use of the established database and knowledge base, further use the theory of data mining to extract or 'mine' useful information and knowledge from a large number of sample data of glass machinery operating states, research and propose dynamic performance samples of the whole machine based on the principle of data mining The database construction method of data is used to realize the effective organization and utilization of the whole machine sample database and knowledge base.

In addition, the actual operation of the glass machinery is carried out based on the sample data collection and database construction of typical functional components of the whole machine. In the test, the glass glass edging machine is used to test the data collection of standard test pieces of various materials and the data collection of simulated typical failures. On the basis of experimental research, the method of sample data acquisition and database building is revised and optimized, and the failure prediction test of typical functional components is carried out to realize the data acquisition and analysis of test samples.

The whole frame of the horizontal glass glass edging machine adopts a rectangular structure, and the key components are made of cast iron material through natural aging, which has the characteristics of beautiful and durable, strong stability and high processing accuracy. Part of it adopts high-precision bilateral grinding motor, two grinding wheels for polishing, and the polishing effect is more bright and stable. It is an ideal edging equipment for process glass, furniture glass and electronic glass that requires high brightness. The specific advantages of horizontal glass glass edging machine are as follows: .

1. The main part of the horizontal glass grinder is made of cast iron, which has a long service life and is solid and stable.

2. The key parts are treated with QPQ, which is different from flanges and electroplating, and is not easy to corrode and rust when exposed to water (guide rails, t-plates, arc plates, motor dovetails).

3. Horizontal machines can be connected to form a production line.

4. Variable frequency speed regulation, not infinitely variable speed, users can adjust the processing speed according to their own needs.

5. We can still process glass below 1.5mm, as well as glass with irregular shapes.

6. The beveled edge adopts electric adjustment, and the overall feed is not manual (low precision) PLC (high cost).

7. Glass flat grinding, stable operation, easy loading and unloading of large glass, high safety, high precision of small glass, and the minimum error can be controlled within 0.2mm.

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