Causes of hot tripping of glass edging machines Modes of mechanical maintenance

by:Enkong     2022-07-18

During the operation of the glass edging machine, the motor is always hot and causes tripping. Glass machinery consumers have encountered this situation. So how is this phenomenon caused? We make a rough estimate and make the following two maintenance suggestions :.

First, smell the motor first. Is there a big burnt smell? If so, it can be basically concluded that the trip is caused by the short circuit of the motor of the glass glass edging machine. This phenomenon does not occur in the glass edging machine. It is not uncommon, please remove the motor for inspection and maintenance, or replace it with a new one.

Second, if the motor problem is ruled out, then there is a very likely reason that the transmission device of the glass edging machine is not smooth, which will cause the motor load to increase, generate heat and eventually lead to tripping. For this phenomenon, the glass should be thoroughly inspected. The transmission device of the edger, find out the problem. If it is only due to dust and other reasons, then clean it up and put some lubricating oil on it. If the transmission device is damaged, the glass edger must be repaired or replaced. .

The maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the glass edging machine is the daily work that must be carried out to maintain the normal technical state of the equipment and prolong the service life, and it is also one of the main responsibilities of the operator. The maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the glass edging machine can reduce the In terms of downtime losses and maintenance costs, reducing product costs, ensuring product quality, and improving production efficiency, the maintenance work of general glass edger machinery and equipment is divided into two categories: daily maintenance and regular maintenance.

The daily maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the glass edging machine includes two kinds of maintenance: each shift maintenance and weekend maintenance, which are carried out by the operator. Each shift maintenance requires that the operator must do in each shift production: check all parts of the equipment before the shift, and make sure Refuel and lubricate as required. The specified inspection items should be recorded on the inspection card after inspection, and the device can only be used after confirming that it is normal.

During the operation of the mechanical equipment of the glass edging machine, the equipment should be used correctly in strict accordance with the maintenance operation procedures, and the manufacturer of the glass edging machine should pay attention to observe its operation. If any abnormality is found, it should be dealt with in time. Workers make maintenance records on the 'fault repair list', spend about 15 minutes before get off work to clean and wipe the equipment, record the equipment status in the shift handover book, and go through the shift handover procedures.

Weekend maintenance mainly means that the operator spends 1 to 2 hours to thoroughly clean, wipe and oil the equipment every weekend and before holidays, and inspect and evaluate according to the 'four requirements' of equipment maintenance and evaluate it.

In addition, the regular maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the glass glass edging machine is the regular maintenance work carried out by the operator under the guidance of the maintenance worker. The mechanical equipment of the glass edging machine produced in two shifts is maintained about once every 3 months. Maintenance is carried out once a month, and the operation time is calculated according to the equipment complexity factor of 0.3~0.5h per unit. It depends on the structure of the equipment. The maintenance and requirements of precision, heavy and rare equipment are stipulated separately.

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