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Briefly on the inspection rules of the automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-10
Each cutting machine must be inspected by the quality inspection department before it can leave the factory? A document certifying that the product is qualified should be attached when leaving the factory. Today, I will introduce the inspection rules of the automatic glass glass cutting machine. 1. Visual inspection 2. Mark inspection-(wiping test is not performed during inspection test)    3. Electric shock protection check    4. Electromagnetic disturbance level measurement Harmonic current measurement Voltage fluctuation and flicker measurement Start test 5. Shaft extension cylindrical surface Radial round runout inspection 6, input power, current and basic parameter measurement 7, temperature rise test 8, over torque test 9, leakage current measurement 10, moisture resistance test 11, withstand voltage test'  12, durability test, no Normal operation test structure inspection, mechanical hazard inspection 13, mechanical strength inspection, protective cover inspection, cutting depth inspection, cutting blade clamping plate inspection, internal wiring inspection, component test, automatic glass glass cutting machine inspection rules for everyone This is the end of the introduction. The above introduction hopes to be helpful to you. If you are interested in the products we introduced above, you are welcome to call, and we will definitely provide you with better quality products.
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