Brief introduction to the operation mode of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-25

The glass glass cutting machine is mainly used to spray paint the glass surface during the cold working process and spray at room temperature. Next, I will show you how the glass cutting machine works.

For the combination of thousands of glass cutting boards and lead frame inlay grooves, it is necessary to draw a small plan according to the plan, such as the shape and proportion of each color mark, the cutting of glass, The lead block is soldered to a mirror surface, and the fingerprint is neither heated nor cooled.

The automatic glass cutting machine forms two or more relief effects on the background of the color of the glass layer and the three-dimensional relief image, and the cutting wheel is used for cutting, cutting decoration, block surface, glass and other decorations, Or large noodles cut shapes, colors, and sometimes nested glass, with special effects due to the different colors inside.

The grinding wheel of the automatic glass cutting machine rotates, water is mixed with corundum, the glass polishing planer, the raceway of the peeling wheel, when the glass on it is polished to a large plane, the glue will enter the furnace to heat, and the glass used will be heated. Characteristics, surface brightness of heating and melting, glass will be bonded into a gel-like, mixed medium is synthesized from glass and other materials.

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