Brief introduction of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-01

A brief introduction to the glass edging machine. In fact, we have a lot of understanding of the glass edging machine. Then we also want to master this aspect. There are many factors in the glossiness factor, and the editor also I summarized it for everyone. This is also to help you better judge the gloss of the glass edging machine, and it can be used perfectly on the glass edging machine in the later stage.

Glass The glass edging machine is the most commonly used machine equipment in glass deep processing equipment, and it is one of the series of glass straight-line edging machines. It is suitable for the grinding of straight beveled edges of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses. It is equipped with two rounds of rough grinding, three rounds of fine grinding, three rounds of pneumatic polishing and beveling, one round of fine grinding of the bottom edge, and the entire bevel and bottom. The rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of the edge are processed at one time; the machine transmission adopts stepless variable speed motor speed control, and the processing speed can be adjusted steplessly within the approved range. The transmission adjustment range is large and the speed change is stable; the machine operation is very simple , The grinding quality is very good, the machining accuracy is high, and it is very popular among users. The glass glass edging machine is suitable for grinding the straight bevel and bottom edge of flat glass. The rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and bottom grinding of the beveled edge can be completed at one time; the grinding head adopts Shanghai famous brand motor with high precision and low energy consumption. The main drive is adjusted by a stepless reducer, and is conveyed by a synchronous belt. The rear chain plate is made of forged thickened steel plate and undergoes a special process heat treatment. The front and rear guide rails are made of super wear-resistant materials and strict processing techniques. The friction force of sassafras effectively enhances the service life of chain plates and inserts, and can meet the requirements of use for a long time even in the absence of lubrication.

A brief introduction to the glass edging machine is a good grasp of the glass edging machine. These are the things we should pay attention to in our lives. If you want to better understand the use of Glass edging machine, you can contact us at any time, let us better introduce our products to you, I believe it can make you use it better.

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