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Brief introduction of glass double edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-08

The most popular glass edging machine in glass machinery is the double straight line glass edging machine, which can simultaneously grind and polish both sides of the glass at multiple angles, which can improve work efficiency, enhance the stability of operation, and make it more convenient The user’s disassembly and installation reduces labor intensity and saves a lot of energy. Besides, there are many advantages, such as: continuous fast grinding of flat glass with double straight parallel round edges; double straight guide rails and double ball screws High-precision transmission structure; the glass middle bracket is easy to move; PLC control, automatic monitoring. Detection, alarm, diagnosis; frequency conversion speed control, stable transmission; automatic adjustment after the processing parameters are set by the man-machine interface. All symmetrical grinding head groups can be individually activated and deactivated. The polishing wheel is automatically compensated, the polishing effect is stable, and the grinding wheel loss is small; the whole machine has an advanced structure, using famous brand and high-precision parts, sophisticated assembly technology, stable performance, and easy operation.

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