Brief description of the functions of the loading and unloading system of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-07

The glass glass cutting machine loading and unloading system includes guide groove beam, conveyor belt, support adjustment plate, eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft sleeve, retaining ring, rotating shaft, air cylinder. The guide groove beam is provided with conveyor belt and guide groove, and the conveyor belt is set on the belt guide.

The guide groove beam is connected with the eccentric bushing through the support adjustment plate, the eccentric bushing is installed on the eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft is installed on the rotating shaft, and the eccentric shaft is equipped with The retaining ring is equipped with an eccentric bushing on the shaft to prevent the eccentric shaft and the eccentric bushing from moving.

The guide groove beam, the supporting adjustment plate and the eccentric bushing form a plane four-bar linkage mechanism. The output end of the cylinder is connected to the push rod, the push rod is connected to the connecting rod, the cylinder pulls the push rod, and the connecting rod drives the rotating shaft to rotate, thereby To achieve the level of the conveyor belt, cooperate with the drive of the conveyor belt motor to complete the automatic loading and unloading of glass.

The inner ring of the eccentric shaft sleeve and the outer ring of the eccentric shaft adopt a sliding fit to ensure that the eccentric shaft can rotate in the eccentric shaft sleeve. The glass glass cutting machine has a simple structure, novel design and convenient installation. It has good synchronization and easy control, and can well complete the automatic loading and unloading of glass.

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