Brief description of the cutting function of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-29

Laminated glass is made of two or more pieces of glass, which are ground with one or more layers of organic polymers, glass and interlayer film after high temperature pre-pressing or vacuum, high temperature and high pressure treatment. It can be connected to integrated composite glass products, and a glass glass cutting machine can also be used.

The slider is mounted on the rack, the slider is mounted on the slideway and connected, the cutter device and the fixed wheel device are mounted on the slideway, and the slideway is connected through the slideway Installation, the cutter device is installed on the lower knife device, the cutter device is made into a circle, the cutter device and the fixed wheel device are installed on the upper knife device, and the corresponding runner device is made.

The upper cutter device and the lower cutter device have the same structure, and both include a fixed box. The guide rod is connected to the guide plate on one side of the fixed box. The guide plate is covered with a spring. Between the box body and the guide plate, the driving part And the cutter is also attached to the guide plate.

The frame is a rectangular parallelepiped box structure, the rectangular parallelepiped box is provided with reinforcing plates arranged obliquely, the four corners of the rectangular parallelepiped box are respectively provided with feet, and the rectangular parallelepiped box is provided with baffle boxes .

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