BMB water glass edger and how to reduce edge chipping

by:Enkong     2022-07-21

BMB water-type glass edging machine is a professional equipment for edge grinding of the cut original glass of insulating glass, so that the edge of the glass is not sharp, and the internal stress of the glass is eliminated. It can cause scratches, eliminate the internal stress of the glass, and make the glass not easy to break. This equipment is an indispensable processing equipment in the production process of insulating glass.

BMB water glass edging machine is mainly used for fine grinding and chamfering of the edge after cutting a single piece of glass. Glass that needs to be ground edged.

Advantages of using glass edging machine: .

(1) There is no dust in the working environment, and it is equipped with a water tank for continuous water supply by a pump and a recyclable water tank.

(2) It is not easy to collapse when edging, which reduces the damage rate during tempering.

(3) When the equipment is working, the abrasive belt does not deviate and is easy to replace, and has won two national patents for utility model and appearance.

(4) The equipment operating table adopts dust-proof special universal wheel, which is light and durable.

In the process of using the glass edging machine, sometimes the phenomenon of glass edge chipping occurs continuously, which seriously affects the yield of the glass glass edging machine.

Generally speaking, the collapse of the edge during the glass edging process is because the grinding wheel is not sharp enough, the water temperature is too high, the splint is worn, and the chain is too long.

Glass chipping phenomenon: small chipping on the edge of the glass.

How to reduce edge chipping during glass edging: .

a. If the size of the ground glass is close to the average life of the repair, the grinding wheel should be replaced.

b. Use the grinding disc to dress the grinding wheel.

c. Check that the radial runout of the grinding wheel is within 0.03mm.

d. Check the cooling system to determine the following: .

The water outlet hole for glass grinding is not blocked.

The glass grinding fluid is sprayed directly to the groove center of the grinding wheel.

Whether there are many impurities in the water.

e. Check if the speed is too high.

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