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Before purchasing a glass edging machine, you should pay attention to the management methods of mechanical equipment

by:Enkong     2022-07-15

With the wide use of glass, the development of glass machinery has been driven. Glass edging machines are one of the most widely used in glass deep processing. Many companies are also purchasing glass edging machines for mass production of glass. So what should you pay attention to when buying.

We should do research before choosing an edger. Before buying a certain type of edger, it is best to visit several equipment manufacturers. As the saying goes, we should shop around and compare the quality, price, service, etc. of each factory. And you can go further to the peers who have purchased and used similar equipment to learn about the usage of some equipment, so that you can know what to do when purchasing.

When purchasing the machine, choose carefully. It is best to let the manufacturer try to grind several thicknesses and sizes of glass when purchasing the machine. Vibration, water leakage, etc.), if there is any problem with the glass glass edging machine, the manufacturer should solve it or change it in time. When purchasing new equipment, the relevant personnel in the factory should be selected to participate in the equipment operation training provided by the glass machinery factory, so that when using it in the future, the correct Operation, maximize the effectiveness of the equipment, buy more necessary accessories (such as pressure plate, suction cup glue, waterproof cover and other vulnerable accessories) when purchasing the machine, so as to eliminate the impact on production due to insufficient spare parts during the use of the equipment.

Glass is now widely used in our lives, and it is very extensive. Glass machinery will continue to develop over time, and the technology will become more and more mature.

The modernization of the management methods of the current glass machinery enterprises is to meet the requirements of modern large-scale production. On the one hand, we should inherit the traditional and effective management experience and methods, and on the other hand, we should actively promote the application of advanced management methods to ensure the standardization of various management work. , systematic and scientific.

In the whole process management of glass machinery and equipment, quantitative and fixed glass edge grinding machine manufacturer management methods should be combined. The automatic detection and control of equipment status, the application of computer-aided equipment management, the use of various precision testing tools to improve equipment repair accuracy, etc., should continue to use modern scientific and technological achievements, innovate management methods, improve management efficiency and expand management functions.

In addition, there are also requirements for the operators of glass machinery. The quality of their management talents is the key and premise of management modernization. To realize the modernization of equipment management talents, the key is to strive to improve the personal quality and overall quality of equipment management personnel, and the division of labor should be based on blame. Different requirements are put forward for equipment management personnel at different management levels, and individual quality is improved through various means. In terms of overall quality, professional knowledge structure, knowledge hierarchy structure, age structure, etc. are fully optimized.

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