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Automatic glass cutting machine operation steps

by:Enkong     2021-04-27
Automatic glass cutting machine accurate steps: 1, glass cutter wear good protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses. 2, the vertical and horizontal to the rules of the tool adjustment to scale, turn the power switch. 3, by two people to stay cutting glass carried to the cutting platform, blowing button let glass float on the surface of the table and can move at ease. 4, glass after positioning, press the stop button, and then according to the suction device with glass firmly fixed in the designated position to reach the positioning effect. 5, when the cutting is finished, press the stop button, then press the air switch. When cutting finished the whole piece of glass to disc translation stage ( Translation before you open the valve of blowing air motors) 。 6, glass cutting machine according to the mark share out bonus is small, more than expected in the specified location. The disc after fold neat, small pieces of glass in the glass on the shelf. 7, good cleaning with base cloth cutting machine and the disc piece of table of glass pieces. Glass cutting machine. Should be paid attention to the use of the automatic glass cutting machine cutting should be checked before think of cut glass, appearance can't have a white dot and scratched appearance; After the first to admit qualified to batch production, Measurement to the relation of the first row as the measured object, when necessary to do full inspection) ; Carry the glass before it is necessary to admit to lifting the glass itself has no crack, avoid lifting attack glass automatically separate appearances. Best can severely in accordance with the instruction manual glass cutting machine, to ensure that the product qualified rate and their own safety.
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