Automatic glass Chamfering machine makes glass Chamfering easier

by:Enkong     2020-01-01
Glass chamfering is a relatively physical and careful work, and because the operators soak in the water every day, repeating the same movements, it is a test of people's patience. Many glass factory Chamfering work is basically done by middle-aged men, because although it is hard, the income is relatively high. Although it is only a simple process, if it is not done well, it will seriously affect the appearance and quality of the product. Therefore, this requires the operators to be careful and stable. I don't know if you know that the glass beveling machine has high requirements for employees, and the accuracy of the product is directly related to the quality of the employees. For each Chamfering person, the inverted angle is different. However, since the full-automatic glass beveling machine is available, the operator only needs to place the glass on the workbench and press the start button. The chamfering work is automatically completed by the equipment, which not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of people, and it also makes the glass chamfer easier.
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