Application of transducer in glass washing machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-28
The use of glass machinery is increasing day by day, and the market demand continues to expand. In the glass machinery, the transducer is an important part, and its characteristics depend on the material selection and manufacturing process. The glass washing machine is mainly composed of transmission system, brushing, clean water washing, pure water washing, cold and hot air drying, electric control system, etc. The transducer is also an important part of it. In the work of the glass washing machine, after the transducer converts high-frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, it will generate high-frequency vibration with very small amplitude and spread to the solution in the cleaning tank. A large number of tiny bubbles will continue to be generated inside and burst instantly. The burst of each bubble will generate a shock wave of hundreds of degrees of high temperature and nearly a thousand atmospheres, so that the workpiece will be washed clean. The machine should be used correctly to prolong the life of the machine. It should be noted that during use, the blower must be turned on first, and then the heater; the heater must be turned off first, and then the blower must be turned off.
The powerful role of optimized cutting software in glass deep processing
With the development of my country's glass industry, the technology of glass deep processing has become increasingly mature. In the deep processing of glass, glass cutting is an indispensable and most basic process, so how should we do this process? To do a good job in the glass cutting process, a good operator is the key. On the other hand, a good optimization software is also necessary. It can help the operator find the best glass cutting plan, not only can make full use of materials, and reduce the overall cost of processing. At the lowest level, it also produces direct economic savings for the enterprise. In summary, it has to be said that optimization software is particularly important in the deep processing of glass. Having good optimization software is the advantage of an enterprise.
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