Application extension of glass machinery equipment engineering theory

by:Enkong     2021-05-05
At present, glass machinery equipment engineering management takes the life of equipment as the research object. Enterprises implement top-down vertical management of equipment and horizontal management among various related departments. These are the manifestations of system theory. Through the analysis, evaluation and synthesis of the system. So as to establish a system with the most economical life cycle cost as the goal, and ensure that the most effective means are used to achieve the system's predetermined goals. Equipment engineering management has become the intersection of multiple sciences, including operations research, logistics engineering, system science, integrated engineering, behavioral science, reliability engineering, management science, engineering economics, ergonomics, etc. Full-staff production and maintenance is an equipment management system widely used on the equipment front in my country in recent years. It is a user-centered equipment management and maintenance system. The concept is full efficiency, full system, and full participation. Fast equipment renewal is also a top priority in equipment management. Its main content is reasonable equipment configuration and reasonable equipment depreciation, technical transformation and renewal, etc.

What is the problem of burnt, chipping, and initial joints in glass machinery?

It may be caused by the following reasons: 1. The grinding wheel eats too much; 2. The water is not properly adjusted and the water pressure is too small; 3. The mesh of the wheel is too thick and the spindle shakes too much; 4. The cutting speed is too fast; 5. If there are too many knives, there will be joints when the glass shifts.
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