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Applicability of glass curtain wall of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-09
The applicability of unitized glass curtain wall to super high-rise buildings. Due to the influence of wind and temperature changes, the main structure of super high-rise buildings will produce relatively large vertical deformations. These factors will cause the curtain wall to withstand greater internal forces and displacements. In addition, the curtain wall assembly is required to be accurate, convenient to transport, and to minimize the workload of on-site installation. Therefore, the curtain wall of super high-rise buildings will be the first to choose unit curtain wall. The reasons are summarized as follows:     1) The glass glass cutting machine reduces its own weight and improves the seismic performance;     2) is a technical guarantee to realize the industrialization of the building;     3) The glass cutter is conducive to later maintenance and repair;      can be recycled in the current building 4) The concept of continuous development is required;      5) Glass is the only building material with high transparency, natural lighting, good vision, and satisfying human nature. The unit curtain wall has standard units and non-standard units. They are different in the process of application. The standard units are characterized by industrialization, standardization, modularization, and parameterization, while the features of non-standard units are full of individualization and specialization. , Localization.    2, super high-rise unit curtain wall constitution form      (1) grid curtain wall. This kind of curtain wall is the most common form of unit curtain wall. The square grid is designed according to a certain proportion to form the component unit of the curtain wall. The structure can be made into an exposed frame or a hidden frame.     (2) Diamond grid grid curtain wall. To form an active facade style, the shape of the external curtain wall must be considered when designing the internal structural system of the building, which is the result of overall design.     (3) Rhythm and texture. The formation of a special rhythm or texture through a certain arrangement and combination also needs to be consistent with the architectural structure.     (4) stacked curtain wall. The unit itself is a plane, but its combination is not on the same plane, forming a three-dimensional hierarchy, and is often designed with the skin of ecological technology.     There are many types of curtain walls for super high-rise buildings, but most of them have one thing in common in essence, that is, the unit curtain wall. The seemingly very complex curtain wall forms are constructed from simple units in a certain logical order, so construction is very important for the design of super high-rise curtain walls. The construction of the curtain wall is characterized by industrialization. Therefore, the construction process of the curtain wall is also a process of industrial construction.
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