Analysis on the technical characteristics of glass beveling machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-12

Analyze the technical characteristics of the glass beveling machine, and introduce the characteristics of the glass beveling machine:

  1. The overload maintenance circuit of the glass beveling machine guarantees the safety of the grinding head motor.

  2. The front and rear pressure plates of the glass beveling machine are all passed through special grinding machine technology, so when grinding thin glass, there will be no chamfering or breaking glass.

  3. The glass beveling machine is equipped with a high-precision straight edge special motor, which makes the glass cut like mud.

  4. The front and rear beams of the glass beveling machine are equipped with wear-resistant inserts to ensure high-strength operations.

   5. The glass beveling machine adopts continuously variable speed adjustment, with large adjustable scale and stable speed change.

 6. When the glass beveling machine adjusts different glass thickness, please refer to the front beam digital table for adjustment.

  7. The protective cover, electric box, and scaffolding are all through acid washing, phosphating, high-temperature baking paint and other paint techniques, and the machine lasts as bright as new.

   8. The grinding head water tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the stainless steel margins are all through special technology, which will not hurt people.

  9. The solid casting base, front and rear beams make the machine durable and not easily deformed in places where the temperature difference changes greatly.

  10. The front chamfering motor moves synchronously with the front beam.

  11. The streamlined control box with a unique appearance keeps pace with the times.

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