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Analysis on the processing principle of glass Chamfering machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-12
In the processing industry, numerical control machine tools are unnecessary, and glass Chamfering machine is a kind of numerical control machine tools, also known as glass engraving machines, glass punching machines, glass edging machines, etc, it is mainly used for processing glass. The processing principle of the glass beveling machine is very simple. Usually, the cutting tools used for processing glass are diamond grinding heads, which are matched with 24000 ~ The 40000-rpm spindle rotates at a high speed, and the machining is actually done by grinding rather than cutting. processing glass, with a special grinding head, can realize the opening, slotting, up and down one-time chamfering of ultra-thin glass, accurate cutting of special-shaped glass, Shape Processing, chamfering, etc. The error can be controlled at ±0. 02 ~ ±0. 05mm, and the edge of the glass is not easy to collapse and damage. In addition, the designed jig can also be used during processing, thus realizing continuous mass production of products.
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