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Analysis of running characteristics of automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-11

As a traditional glass cutting machine, the machine tool is widely used and can easily cut various materials, when the traditional cutting knife cuts the contour along a straight line, the contour is placed on the stage and cut by manual horizontal movement, However, when the contour is large, the weight of the manual translation table is difficult, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also reduces the cutting accuracy. Today, I will introduce the operating characteristics of the automatic glass cutting machine.

The automatic glass cutting machine is pivotally connected to a set of two poles at the bottom of the workbench, and a roller set is installed on the support rod to fix the workpiece to be cut on the top of the workbench. The upper part is provided with a guide rail, the guide rail is connected to the worktable through a connecting rod, the cutting mechanism is connected with the guide rail and moves along the guide rail, and the cutting mechanism includes a motor, a circular cutting machine, a shield, a transmission rod and a fixed rod.

The motor is installed in the protective cover, the output shaft of the motor is connected with the center of the circular saw, the fixed rod is installed on the guide rail, the driving rod is spiraled into the circular hole of the fixed rod, and is connected with the protective cover, The driving rod drives the cutting mechanism to rotate on the guide rail.

The technical effect of the utility model is that the workpiece is placed on the worktable, and the driving rod is rotated to drive the cutting mechanism to move on the guide rail, so that the circular cutter moves in a straight line above the worktable, so that the workpiece is cut into Straight line, improve cutting accuracy.

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