Analysis of practicality and cutting efficiency of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-30

Provide a glass glass cutting machine that can realize bidirectional glass cutting, with high cutting position accuracy, it includes a cutting platform and a guide rail parallel to the cutting platform, the cutting machine includes driving devices on both sides of the cutting platform, and the cutting head is provided with cutting guide.

The glass glass cutting machine includes a cutting platform parallel to the cutting rail. The cutting machine also includes a driving device located on both sides of the cutting platform. The driving device includes a driving shaft and a driving motor. Equipped with horizontal and vertical cutting guides.

In order to more accurately adjust the position of the cutting head according to the required cutting size, a distance measuring ruler is set on the cutting guide rail, each cutting guide has two sliding cutting heads, and the cutting head is installed with a cutting knife.

The characteristics of the glass cutting machine are that it also includes driving devices on both sides of the cutting platform. The cutting guide rail is provided with a sliding cutting head in the longitudinal direction, and the cutting head is provided with a cutting knife. If you want to know more about the content , it is recommended to pay attention to this website.

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