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Advantages of numerical control glass edge grinding machine

by:Enkong     2019-12-17
There are many kinds of products that may and may not, can continue to exist, cannot continue to exist, are known by more people and are not known by so many people, at present, there is a better technology to produce products, because the advantages of products are increasing now, products that cannot continue to develop must be fast and will be eliminated by the market. At present, there are more different types of products that can be selected by People. At present, there are many kinds of products that exist in many cities. And now there are more mature technologies that are producing products. 1. Labor saving: the traditional operation method requires at least 3 people to complete the workload, and only one person is required to operate the CNC glass edging machine, and the edging, chamfering and polishing are solved at one time, and there is no requirement for workers' technology; 2. Improve efficiency: CNC glass edging machine equipment is more than 2 times the efficiency of semi-automatic equipment, more than 5 times the efficiency of manual glass processing. 3. Saving site: the equipment of the numerical control glass edging machine combines the processes of rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering and the like into one machine, thus greatly saving the use site. 4. Energy saving and environmental protection: servo motor is used as the drive, which saves electricity compared with conventional motor, has extremely low noise and is environmentally friendly. 5. Reduce the probability of maintenance adjustment: Semi-automatic processing equipment needs to adjust the grinding wheel or maintenance frequently in the production process. The CNC glass edging machine equipment has automatic compensation and repair function for the grinding wheel, and the probability of maintenance and adjustment is extremely low. Because it is necessary to have a variety of products, and it is also necessary to have a variety of products to make people's lives more convenient. The existence of mechanical products is to solve more difficult problems before people, and the existence of mechanical products is indispensable.
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