Advantages of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-09

Glass oblique cutting machine is one of the earliest and largest amount of mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. The main function is to cut glass and make some special shapes. The correct and reasonable use of the cutting machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also extend the life of the machine. The following mainly introduces the functions, advantages, and characteristics of the glass cutting machine.

The general automatic glass glass cutting machine mainly controls the machine tool through a computer. The operator inputs specific glass processing data, and the cutting machine cuts the glass product according to the relevant data in order to achieve the desired relevant shape. Compared with most glass cutting machines on the market, the glass glass cutting machine produced by this company has the functions of automatic, precise and high-speed cutting.

   adopts imported cutter wheel, the cutting machine effect is good. The cutter head has a protective device to prevent the knife from hitting.

  Technical advantages and features:

  1 According to user needs, it can automatically cut straight or irregular graphics. You can directly input the glass size to be cut or directly import the CAD graphics, with the actual cutting graphics display, the actual motion tracking display function, so that the operator can see the equipment and processing conditions at a glance.

  2 has the function of single-piece processing time display and output statistics of each shift. The cutting pressure is fully controlled by computer, and the cutting quality is good.

  3 racks and gears adopt high-quality products from internationally renowned brands to ensure cutting accuracy, cutting speed and cutting accuracy.

  4X.YZ axis transmission adopts imported servo motor, cutting origin repeat positioning accuracy is high, can be mirrored, cutting car glass and home appliance glass.

  5 imported Italian optimization software, typesetting function Powerful, friendly interface, easy to learn and easy to use.

  6 has a laser scanning positioning system, profile scanning input function, to achieve automatic profile cutting.

  7 has complete protection measures to ensure long-term operation of the equipment.

  8 is equipped with double-sided double-station or single-side single-station loading table, gear drive, safe and reliable.

  9 is equipped with a breaker table. one-button start.

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