Adjustable diameter circular machine technical background

by:Enkong     2021-01-12
Steel coil in the course of carriage, steel roll shaft end need to use cardboard protection, the shape of the board should correspond to coil, therefore, need to hard support plate to form a round ring, existing technology USES the manual way, along the template with a knife cut, not only work efficiency is low, and prone to accidents, today small make up will be introduced to the adjustable diameter circular machine technical background. Variable diameter delimit circular machine including rotating drum, the drum is equipped with a circular support units, support units and sets the tool on inner ring and outer ring above cutters and press roller, pressure roller setting between cutter and the outer ring of inner ring and a knife; Under the knife under the inner ring and outer ring knife which located in support from the party. Tool under the corresponding inner ring on the inner ring, outer ring on tool and outer corresponding; Inner circle on the cutter knives, outer ring, roller with screw thread connection, the knife under the inner ring and outer ring are threaded connection on the screw under the knife, on the screw on the bottom is equipped with the driven pulley, the screw end is equipped with the driven pulley, the mesh on the driven pulley and the driven pulley, the driven wheel and driving wheel meshing, driving wheel and motor output is fixed, the workbench on equipped with inner ring, inner ring and outer ring of tools on the corresponding hole of tools, cylindrical incised knife. Inner ring on the knife, knife under the inner ring and outer ring on knife, knife under the outer ring, roller have threaded hole, screw threaded holes on the screw on the screw or next; Under the inner ring on the knife, round knife, knife on the cylindrical, under external circular knife, the ends of the roller with the lock nut.
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