Accurate cutting requirements for smart glass cutting machines

by:Enkong     2022-06-08

The intelligent glass glass cutting machine includes a glass cutting machine base, a worktable on the base, a longitudinal movable beam on the worktable, a horizontal moving mounting seat on the beam, a knife box in front of the mounting seat, and a knife box on the upper part of the knife box. The motor, the lower end of the knife box is equipped with a cutting knife, and the cutting knife is arranged perpendicular to the worktable.

There is a set of stators on the side of the beam. One end of the stator is N pole and the other end is S pole. They are arranged end to end. A magnetic scale is arranged on the upper side, and a mover is arranged on the inner surface of the mounting seat opposite to the stator. The actuator cooperates with the stator and uses magnetic force to push the mounting seat to move laterally along the beam when energized.

There is a slider on the inner surface of the mounting seat corresponding to the upper and lower guide rails. The slider cooperates with the guide rail to make the mounting seat move along the guide rail. The inner surface of the inductive probe and the installation of the mobile probe The mounting surfaces of the inductive probe and the mobile probe match.

There are a set of pulleys on the outside of both ends of the beam, the pulleys and the belt cooperate to drive the pulleys to rotate, and a set of concave rollers are respectively arranged on the inner sides of the two ends of the beam. The concave rollers cooperate with the pulleys through the transmission device, and the pulleys drive the concave rollers to rotate.

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