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About the introduction of chain glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-18

My glass machinery factory uses silent toothed chain belts and special heat treatment processes to solve the problem of domestic heat treatment failure. The chain pieces are forged and pressed by special steel belts for chains. The heat treatment thickness is 0.2mm, and the outside is hard and the inside is soft. The processing technology solves the problem of processing hardness and fragmentation. Solve the problem of low hardness and non-wear resistance, and the service life is greatly extended (3-5 years under normal use). Double pitch roller chain for category transmission. Stainless steel model 12.7 Chain pitch 12.7 (p) Chain plate thickness 2 ( mm) Roller diameter 5 (mm) Pin shaft diameter 2 (mm) Reduction ratio 13 stages Single-stage Wuwo Glass Machinery Factory uses silent transmission chains to give you a good working environment.

Chain type glass edging machine: mechanical structure and spare parts configuration Transmission box body: steel parts (annealing treatment, not easy to deform) base, front and rear beams are all castings (annealing treatment, not easy to deform) front and rear pressure plates are used Dedicated chain drive. The front pressure plate can be adjusted up and down according to the size of the processed glass. The advance and retreat of the grinding head frame is supported by Taiwan ABBA linear guide. The front beam advances and retreats the carriage and the grinding head frame advances and retreats the carriage screw drive with no gap nut. The bevel grinding wheel can advance and retreat as a whole. It is quicker to adjust when changing the thickness of the glass. The main drive adopts a mechanical stepless speed changer, and the worm gear box adopts a double worm gear reducer. The rear pressure plate is designed with a special cleaning mechanism. The scaffold is made of square tubes. Conveyor belt adopts synchronous belt transmission. The principle of glass glass edging machine chain conveying.

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