About the glass sandblasting machine cleaning performance analysis

by:Enkong     2021-06-01
Glass sand machine superior performance, is the region of sandblasting machine the prosperity of supply and demand, the glass here play sand machine price is not expensive, basic can satisfy the needs of customers. Early times, people is to focus on the sand blasting machine, because it has a very excellent cleaning performance, it can be to clean the surface of all kinds of handicraft or industrial products and finishing, is can't catch up with other industrial equipment. Glass sandblasting machine can clean the surface of the workpiece? After the heat treatment of the scale, the salt, residual oil, etc. Have colored casting pieces of scale, sand, etc. ; WuYuLiang scale machining of precision casting, sand, etc. ; Mechanical product residue, micro burr, etc; Welding pieces of scale, welding slag, etc. ; Cold, hot rolled steel plates of scale, corrosion, etc. ; All kinds of mold cavity mold release agent, sediment, etc. ; Sintered residue on the surface of the ceramic element; Plastic von berg systeme flash; Radioactive elements on the surface of the object. In addition, in the type of construction, building materials, glass also play an enormous role play sand machine, disc such as Bridges, hydropower station, ship, building; Airport runway rubber adhesive layer; The train carriage; Various pipes and containers; Old parts of oil, adhesives, etc. ; Container paint residue, rust layer and the attachments etc. Error on porcelain sintering layer; Scratches on the surface of the decoration and so on.
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