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About the chain type glass edge grinding machine is introduced

by:Enkong     2021-04-26
My glass machinery factory adopts the silent chain belt, with special heat treatment process, solve the problem now domestic heat treatment does not pass, plate chain use special steel belt forging press, heat treatment thickness of 0. 2 mm, outside hard soft inside, such a process, solves the processing hardness, fragment. Processing small hardness, wear-resisting, not use cycle greatly extended life expectancy ( 3 - under normal use 5 years) Category transmission with double pitch roller chain models 12 material of stainless steel. 7 12 chain pitch. 7 ( p) Chain plate thickness (2 mm) Roller diameter 5 ( mm) Pin shaft diameter 2 ( mm) Reduction ratio of 13 series single stage without glass machinery factory USES the silent chain I give you a good working environment. Chain type glass edge grinding machine: the mechanical structure and components configuration transmission box: steel ( Annealing treatment, not changeful form) Girders are casting (before and after the base, Annealing treatment, not changeful form) Before and after the platen adopts special chain transmission. Before the clamp can lift up and down to adjust according to size processing glass. Grinding head adopt Taiwan ABBA linear guide bearing frame in a dilemma. Before the beam in a carriage, grinding head and dragging plate screw transmission using no clearance. Hypotenuse grinding wheel can be in a whole. When the thickness of glass replacement to adjust more quickly. Main transmission adopts mechanical CVT machine adopts double worm gear reducer, worm gear box. Clamp design has special cleaning organization after the scaffolding used controls. Conveyor belt adopt synchronous belt transmission. Glass edge grinding machine chain transmission principle.
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