A small glass edge grinding machine to clean

by:Enkong     2021-04-13
A small glass edge grinding machine to clean. Small glass edge grinding machine is a glass deep processing equipment of the earlier and use one of the major mechanical equipment. Main function is the smooth glass, and make some special shapes. Use edge grinding machine correctly and reasonably can not only ensure normal production, can also extend the life of the machine. Divided into single arm abnormity edge grinding machine, straight edge grinding machine, modeling edge grinding machine. Glass edge grinding machine is mainly suitable for furniture glass and architectural glass and process glass processing, deep processing of glass machinery equipment is produced in one of the earlier and larger amount of cold working equipment. Mainly used for ordinary flat glass bottom edge grinding and chamfering, polishing. Generally have a manual, digital control and the PLC computer control, configuration. Reasonable operation, daily cleaning lubrication and maintenance, can guarantee the machine working normally, prolong mechanical life, improve the processing and production. The characteristics of the glass edge grinding machine has 3: it is a single purpose, only grinding all kinds of straight edge; The second is the continuous grinding, high production efficiency; Three is a bigger flat glass can be grinding size. Conventional unilateral glass edge grinding machine by host (commonly The base beam + grinding wheel tank + + + before and after the post motor + electric box, etc. ) Guide rail, front-rear end, glass racks, ground water tank. Different material and electricity the opportunity to influence the precision of the machine and service life; Such as the base of the single side edge grinding machine, common casting for beam before and after after quenching can increase the rigidity of mechanical life for 10 - commonly 15 years. The above content is the small make up for the share of the characteristics of small glass edge grinding machine, want to know more related content, please continue to pay attention to our company's official website, the late content will be more wonderful! ! !
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