A small glass edge grinding machine is of high safety

by:Enkong     2021-04-13
Small glass edge grinding machine of high safety, for the safety of the relevant problem this is not something that we can know, this is also has a great significance, as the use of small glass edge grinding machine, relative to sales is still in the market is very considerable, but small glass edge grinding machine replacement rate is very considerable, high safety: because of the main composition is methane, gas of methane content in more than 94% ( Less than 90% of the gas we called moisture) , the burning of combustible gas also depends on the concentration of the ignition temperature of methane, scope, the ignition temperature of 700 ℃, fire concentration range 5 - Is 15%, so, want to natural gas combustion, must meet the requirements of high temperature and concentration. Gas calorific value is high, the combustion air ratio of 10:1, density ratio is 1-0. 6, burning and the narrow concentration range, combustion rate depends on two with a mix of speed, the requires and combustion control and choosing combustion equipment, adjustable flame should be fully considered. Glass cutting machine, flame radiation heat transfer capacity depends on the brightness of the flame, the flame intensity depends on the amount of carbon particles in the process of fuel combustion, in all kinds of fuel, gas carbon/hydrogen mass ratio is 3. 0 - - - 3. 2, carbon/hydrogen mass ratio of liquid fuel is 6. 0 - - - 7. 4, solid fuel quality ratio of 10 - carbon/hydrogen - - 30, say so, want to consider when using natural gas as a heat source for heat loss due to the flame brightness is low, how to increase the flame brightness. Due to changes in heat transfer characteristics of flame, the flame brightness both reduce the flame transfer heat, in the material when get the same quantity of heat, total quantity of heat of fuel consumption will increase, exhaust temperature will be significantly higher, considering burning natural gas heat recovery. Small glass edge grinding machine of high safety and that is something worth considering, we should know about this thing, this is key, the above is our small glass edge grinding machine to introduce the relevant knowledge, hope can help to you, more questions about the small glass edge grinding machine you can feel free to contact us or log on our official website to understand.
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