Ultra-thin glass tempered

by:Enkong     2024-03-18

The ultra-thin glass tempering furnace is especially suitable for the production of high-quality ultra-thin, ultra-small or super-large flat tempered glass such as advanced industrial instruments, household appliances, lamps and lighting, architectural decoration, and tempered lamination. It can process glass with a diameter of 80MM and a thickness of 2.8MM. After tempering, the glass has good flatness. It can also produce tempered glass with a thickness of 1.8MM. The products are widely welcomed in the market.

Horizontal tunnel type tempering furnace, this series of tempered glass production lines are widely used in the production of glass tempering for architectural decoration, civil furniture, household appliances, etc. It adopts advanced and scientific automatic control technology, and can implement remote fault diagnosis and processing through the Internet. The equipment has the following advantages: jogging and stepping into the film, and the step length can be automatically set according to the size of the glass; the automatic length measuring device can automatically determine the reciprocating stroke and cycle of the glass in the heating furnace and the air grid section according to the size of the glass. ; Touch screen man-machine interface, the main control system is Japan's Mitsubishi components, the computer operation adopts Japan's Mitsubishi color touch screen screen, the man-machine dialogue is simple and clear, and all process parameters can be modified online. The process parameters of glass with different thicknesses are entered, stored and recalled in the form of orders. The furnace body adopts the latest international thermal insulation technology, and the furnace body insulation system has the same life as the furnace body and will never be overhauled. Triac zero-cross trigger, no pollution to the power supply network. Larger diameter quartz rollers extend service life and increase heat storage capacity. The heat balance system can make the temperature distribution in the furnace uniform.

The upper and lower double convection glass tempering furnace is mainly used for processing high quality LOW-E glass, architectural glass, furniture glass and automobile glass. The main performance of the equipment is: the upper and lower sides use forced convection technology to make the heat transfer evenly, the convection fan adopts frequency conversion to adjust the air volume and pressure, which is suitable for various glass processing and achieves the optimal processing parameters; heating adopts PID temperature adjustment and intelligent The module can accurately control the temperature in the furnace; it can shorten the heating time of the glass and greatly improve the surface quality of the glass processing.

Glass tempering furnace can be divided into: horizontal glass tempering furnace, flat bending glass tempering furnace, lamp glass tempering furnace, special glass tempering furnace for water meter, hanging glass tempering furnace, ultra-thin glass tempering furnace, continuous horizontal glass tempering furnace, Continuous horizontal tempering furnace, hyperboloid glass tempering furnace, etc. Glaston (Shanghai) Machinery Trading Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao Yuntong Glass Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd. and other companies are relatively well-known companies in the industry. Different series of products have different characteristics. Now we introduce several kinds of tempering furnace products on the market.

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