Classification of flat glass deep processing technology

by:Enkong     2024-03-19

Generally divided into the following four categories:

1. Processes that change the form of glass, such as hot bending, drilling, and edging;

2. Processes that change the lattice structure of glass, such as thermal tempering or chemical strengthening;

3. Surface treatment process, including subtraction (grinding or etching) process or increase (deposition) process. The coating process belongs to the latter sub-category;

4. Flat glass structures processed by joining technology, such as insulating glass (IGU), surface elements, LCD displays, optoelectronic modules, etc.

Now, more and more simple products begin to use a variety of deep processing techniques, so we call it 'comprehensive deep processing flat glass'. For example, insulating glass, which has been used in vehicles for many years, is the most classic example of deep processing. The four deep processing techniques mentioned above must be used here: first, the glass needs to be bent; second, they need to be strengthened ; Third, in order to protect the edge seals from UV radiation, their edges need to be enamel-coated; finally, a pair of glass sheets are gradually processed into insulating glass using an adhesive.

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