A multi-purpose glass edging machine for cabinet doors

by:Enkong     2021-04-11
Glass edging machine is a brand-new glass processing equipment. It can also process cabinet doors, crystal steel doors, and background walls. At the same time, some customers also call cabinet door glass edging machines. The emergence of its multi-function has changed the traditional glass vertical chain transmission method, adopting the synchronous belt clamping horizontal transmission method, which greatly improves the accuracy of edging, and also benefits more customers. Just buy one machine. Can be used for multiple purposes. Cabinet door glass edging machine This machine is composed of five systems: control system, grinding system, clamping and conveying system, cooling system, undertaking system.

Control system: select AC contactor and thermal relay protection system and work indicator light Display operating system, with phase failure, overload, and overcurrent protection functions. Grinding system: high-speed three-phase AC motor is selected to ensure continuous and stable performance of the machine during long-term use

The glass edging machine for cabinet doors mainly uses grinding head motors and grinding wheels to achieve glass For grinding and polishing, ordinary single-side/double-side edging machine can realize rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time. Customers can choose different grinding wheels and different types of edging machines according to their own handicraft requirements.
Characteristics of porous glass
Comprehensive review of the pore size distribution of porous glass and silica gel. The characteristics of porous glass as a filled carrier. As a filled carrier, porous glass mainly has the following characteristics (l) It has high strength, can withstand pressure of 30MPa, and Swelling, shrinking, and deformation rarely occur in the solvent, which is convenient for operation and separation.   (2) Stable in both acidic and alkaline media. It can be operated in a wide pH range (pHI-12), and the performance will not be degraded for 40 hours continuously. This is of great significance in biochemical separation and analysis. For example, it can maintain its performance when separating protein in a solvent. The activity will not disappear.  (3) The pore size is in the range of 2-20unl, and can be modulated by controlling the preparation conditions, and the pore size and distribution state can be selected.  The pores are regular in shape and structure, the inner surface of the pores is close to a circle, the energy distribution is uniform, and the reproducibility is good, which is conducive to fine separation and improves the separation effect.  (4) It has strong resistance to microorganisms and is not prone to pollution or poisoning. It is an excellent carrier for biological protein detection, synthesis and separation of viruses, DNA, etc. The application prospect of    porous glass-filled carrier Liquid chromatography is mainly to make the separated substance into a solution, and flow through the chromatographic column filled with the carrier for adsorption and separation.
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