A multi-purpose glass edging machine for cabinet doors

by:Enkong     2021-04-10
Glass edging machine is a brand-new glass processing equipment. It can also process cabinet doors, crystal steel doors, and background walls. At the same time, some customers also call cabinet door glass edging machines. The emergence of its multi-function has changed the traditional glass vertical chain transmission method, adopting the synchronous belt clamping horizontal transmission method, which greatly improves the accuracy of edging, and also benefits more customers. Just buy one machine. Can be used for multiple purposes. Cabinet door glass edging machine This machine is composed of five major systems: control system, grinding system, clamping and conveying system, cooling system, undertaking system control system: select AC contactor and thermal relay protection system and work indicator light display operation system, With phase failure, overload, and overcurrent protection functions. Grinding system: high-speed three-phase AC motor is selected to ensure the continuous stability of the performance of the machine during long-term use.

Cabinet door glass edging machine mainly uses grinding head motor and grinding wheel to achieve glass grinding and polishing. /Bilateral edging machine can realize rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time. Customers can choose different grinding wheels and different types of edging machines according to their own handicraft requirements.
Developing domestic machinery industry technology is the key
The domestic glass machinery industry is subject to international restrictions. Among them, the glass edging machine has the most obvious performance. To develop the glass machinery industry in China, it is necessary to make breakthroughs in technology and shorten the gap with international advanced technology. Architectural and automotive glass and glass products, as substrates, play an increasingly important role in the development of diversification, bringing opportunities and challenges to glass production and processing equipment. At present, flexible production technology and multifunctional production equipment are the development trend of the world glass processing industry. They require glass processing equipment to be highly repeatable and precise. Automotive and architectural glass have been committed to reducing the thickness of glass to meet market needs, which puts forward higher requirements for glass deep processing technology. Many glass deep processing companies have begun to improve the efficiency of their production lines and integrate all aspects of glass deep processing. This will become the development trend of the glass deep processing industry in the future. my country's glass machinery industry has broad development prospects and potentials. Manufacturing engineers must strengthen relevant technologies, form their own product characteristics, and then develop the international market.
glass machine manufacturer are required in the manufacture of almost every product and glass processing machines glass machine is one of the most common machines.
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